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Looking for Fellowships

How do I find fellowships?

Fellowships can be discipline-specific or broad-based (e.g. international study). You need to decide what type of fellowship is most appropriate for you. If you are seeking several years of general funding, your search will likely differ from a search to fund research abroad.

There is no easy way to find and receive a fellowship—it takes persistence, networking, and sometimes sleuthing!

If you are looking for fellowships, here are some places to start:

  • List of Fellowships: The Office of Fellowships and Awards provides an abbreviated list of fellowships; some are offered through the Graduate School and some are from outside organizations. We are happy to advise and answer any questions you have about the application process for these awards.
  • Graduate Funding Information Service (GFIS): This service, which is partially funded by the Graduate School, is located in the Research Commons of the Allen Library (South Wing). GFIS offers both workshops and individual consultations to help UW students learn how to search for outside funding opportunities for the masters and doctoral level. GFIS does not provide search services or money directly to students, but helps students gain a better understanding of how to use resources (print, database, or web-based) that may yield the best opportunities for funding.
  • Your Network: Talk with your colleagues—other students, faculty, staff—about what types of funding current and past students have secured to fund their education. Networking has a two-fold purpose: it may give you some ideas of opportunities and also lets others know you are looking (you never know when something may come up).
  • The Internet: Use your favorite search engine and start looking. Do not limit yourself to a search under your own discipline—be as broad as possible (research area, geographic location, personal demographics).

Tips on applying for fellowships