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Museology Graduate Certificate

The Museology Graduate Certificate is open to graduate students at the University of Washington through a competitive application process. This program is associated with the Interdisciplinary Museology Graduate Program and serves students from a wide variety of disciplines. To apply for the Museology Graduate Certificate, please submit the following documents through the online certificate application:

  • Statement of Purpose - How will the Museology Graduate Certificate build on your current academic and professionals goals? Please indicate when you wish you start your certificate work and projected graduation date.
  • Transcripts
  • Resume

Applications can be submitted at any time after acceptance into a University of Washington graduate program. Applications will be reviewed between July 15–August 15 and January 15–February 15. An interview may be required prior to acceptance. The Museology Certificate Checklist and other registration related information will be forwarded upon admittance to the Program.

Certificate Program Requirements

To receive a Museology Graduate Certificate, students must complete a minimum of 18 credits in Museology. Courses taken for the certificate may count as electives to fulfill degree requirements in the home department. The Museology Graduate Certificate will be conferred at graduation.

Required Courses

MUSEUM 500: Introduction to Museology (5 credits) – Offered fall quarter
MUSEUM 601: Museum Internship (3 credits)
MUSEUM 600: Independent Study or Research (2 credits)

Communication and Public Engagement (A minimum of one course required)

MUS 524: Seminar in Museum Exhibition (5 credits)
MUS 528: Advocacy and Social Change (3 credits) – Offered fall quarter
MUS 574: Introduction to Museum Evaluation (3 credits)
MUS 588: Special Topics in Museology (2-5 credits) when appropriate and approved by adviser
MUS 594: Seminar in Museum Education (5 credits)

Understanding and Caring for Collections (A minimum of one course required)

MUS 540: Preservation and Management of Collections I (5 credits)
MUS 542: Preservation and Management of Collections II (MUS 581 Prerequisite) (5 credits)
MUS 544: Issues and Philosophy of Collections (3 credits)
MUS 588: Special Topics in Museology (2-5 credits) when appropriate and approved by advisor

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact:

Maya Farrar
Operations Manager, Museology Graduate Program