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The Graduate School

G-1 Communications Building
Box 353770
Seattle, Washington 98195-3770

Phone: 206.543.5900
Fax: 206.685.3234

Other Funding Resources

Graduate Funding Information Service (GFIS)

The Graduate School helps to fund the Graduate Funding Information Service located in the Research Commons, Allen Library, South Wing. The Graduate Funding Information Service (GFIS) works to provide resources for outside funding opportunities to graduate students at the masters and doctoral level who have been admitted to or who are attending the University of Washington. GFIS offers workshops and individual consultations to help students explore resources for potential funding. GFIS does not provide search services or money directly to students, but does provide guidance to help students know which resources (print, database, or web-based) might give them the best opportunities and help students gain a better understanding of how to use these resources.

Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP)

GO-MAP, a unit of The Graduate School, has limited funding for students whose individual experiences and/or academic interests will bring diversity to scholarly perspectives and endeavors, and to the academic community. Students must be nominated by their department. For information, please see:


Graduate students who are eligible for the need-based college work study program may qualify for work study positions. Information is available from the Office of Student Financial Aid and at the Work Study Website.


The campus offers other job opportunities for graduate students. The UW Career Center provides “HuskyJobs,” which is an online resource for internships and employment. For information, please go to: Students seeking part-time employment must be enrolled and on campus before they may obtain jobs.

Advisory positions in University residence halls paying room and board are available for single graduate students, both men and women. Additional information may be obtained at

Spouses of married students also may apply for regular full- and part-time University employment. These positions cover a wide range of occupations and offer pay comparable to the prevailing salaries in the community. Some carry such fringe benefits as vacations, sick leave, and opportunities to enroll in University courses. Information may be found at:


Use your favorite search engine and start looking online. Don’t limit yourself to searching only by your area of study, be creative and broad. Searching by your research topic, international (if you wish to go overseas), academic discipline, or just “funding” can provide you with an array of possibilities.