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The Graduate School

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If you are interested in applying for a fellowship, you need to plan ahead. Most fellowship competitions have deadlines 6-9 months prior to the beginning date of the fellowship, and usually require personal statements and letters of recommendation that may take several months to compile.

There are fellowships that are discipline-specific as well as broad-based (e.g., international study).

The Graduate School Office of Fellowships and Awards administers a variety of fellowships and the staff are happy to talk with you about these fellowships or other fellowships in which you might be interested.

Each fellowship is different—read the criteria carefully and be sure to address them in your application. Provide the fellowship information/criteria to your recommenders so that they can also address them. Fellowships can last several years or just one quarter and are usually very competitive, so don’t hesitate to apply for a number of different fellowships at one time. There are also competitions that require your nomination by your department or a faculty member. When you ask your department to consider nominating you be prepared to provide document/information to support your nomination.

Also pay attention to what is offered through the fellowship: What is the length of the fellowship? What is the funding level? Does it include insurance or a tuition waiver? Does the funding come to you through the University or are you paid directly by the sponsor?

Looking for a fellowship

  • List of Fellowships

  • Graduate Funding Information Service. This is a service, partially funded by the Graduate School, that posts fellowship and employment opportunities. It is located in the Research Commons, Allen Library, South Wing.

  • Internet search. Use your favorite search engine and start looking! Don’t limit yourself to looking under your discipline—be as broad as possible (research area, countries, etc.).


After you receive a fellowship remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that all requirements are met, such as enrollment, reporting to the funding agency, etc. If you have questions you can talk with the graduate staff assistant in your department or with the Office of Fellowships and Awards.