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The Graduate School

G-1 Communications Building
Box 353770
Seattle, Washington 98195-3770

Phone: 206.543.5900
Fax: 206.685.3234

Resources and Opportunities for Students

Campus & Community Resource Page

A growing list of resources for those interested in learning about the University and the city of Seattle, specifically with regards to diversity.

Graduate Diversity Ambassador Program

The Graduate Diversity Ambassador (GDA) program is designed to support departmental efforts to recruit minority and underrepresented students, as well as students whose scholarship involves diversity.

GO-MAP Student Advisory Board

The GO-MAP Student Advisory Board is an interdisciplinary group of graduate students who meet quarterly to discuss and plan programmatic offerings designed to build community and support graduate education through diversity.

Professional Development

The UW Graduate School has developed professional development resources to help graduate students and post-doctoral students create their own strategy and plans so they will be successful during — and beyond — their graduate educations. These resources help students explore the rich opportunities at the UW and tap into the expertise and guidance of faculty throughout campus.


A mentor is more than an adviser. A mentor provides you with wisdom, technical knowledge, assistance, support, empathy and respect throughout, and often beyond, your graduate career. Mentoring helps students understand how their ambitions fit into graduate education, department life and career choices.

UW Graduate Career Center

The UW Career Center offers numerous resources to graduate students. Schedule an appointment with a professional career counselor or stop in for a brief walk-in appointment.

The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning, a collaboration of the Graduate School, UW Libraries and Undergraduate Academic Affairs, presents a yearly teaching assistant/research assistant training conference. The center also helps faculty and graduate students evaluate and improve their teaching.

Graduate Funding Resources


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Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP)

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