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The Graduate School

G-1 Communications Building
Box 353770
Seattle, Washington 98195-3770

Phone: 206.543.5900
Fax: 206.685.3234

Janet Runbeck

Janet Runbeck

Social Justice through Health Care


  • Master of Nursing, University of Washington Tacoma
  • Bachelor of Arts in Geography with a minor in Business Administration, Central Washington University
  • Diploma in Nursing, Tacoma General Hospital School of Nursing


Jan is the director and founder of RotaCare Free Clinic of Tacoma, a specialty clinic for those without insurance who suffer from chronic disease, such as diabetes or hypertension. The all-volunteer staff includes physicians and advanced registered nurse practioners from specialties scattered across the Tacoma area, as well as diabetic educators and eye care specialists.

On the UW Tacoma

"Having sold my business, and wanting to stay challenged and useful, I went to the UWT campus, whose staff encouraged me to re-activate my nursing license and enroll in the Master of Nursing program. One of the best decisions I ever made. Once I walked in the door of the UWT School of Nursing, the staff hung onto me, and encouraged me to qualify for admissions. They even proctored my registered nurse refresher course finals. They were supportive and available for any help needed to have me be a successful student." The master's program also built on her work experience, including 10 years of nursing and 18 years of owning a small business, by not only teaching her new skills but also instilling in her a sense of social justice. "They mandated learning social justice issues, such as how income disparity relates to health disparity. This type of awareness started a commitment to action which has resulted in improved health outcomes." The UW Tacoma named Jan its Distinguished Alumna for 2009 for her contributions to the community.